Essay on The Political Fiction, 1984, By George Orwell

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In the political fiction, 1984, by George Orwell, Big Brother uses brainwashing tactics, suppressing of the love affair and the manipulation of information and history to express the power struggle within the society in order to enhance the meaning of the work. Brainwashing is the most common and the easiest way to gain power over the other people. If one have the ability to brainwash people and make people believe what one believe, one will have total control in people’s mind within the society. Throughout the novel, Big Brother uses many tactics to build a totalitarian government that have total control over its citizens, called proles. The way the party brainwashes people is quite effective and the effect of brainwashing can be said successful; the proles believe the government is doing the right job and leading the society to a better place. Government started young, the spies, the youth leagues (22); these are all ways for them to get to children, to get them on their side, to turn them into obedient little party members. In another word, if a baby born to learn Big Brother government is the truth, then the baby will grow with the thought and will continue and pass on to the next generation without ever doubting Big Brother. There are other reasons for having organizations like the spies. When the party gathers children into groups like the spies they are creating a network of miniature thought police. Once they have been taught to believe the party knows all they are…

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