The Police And The Media Essay

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For many years, police and media relationship has been an issue in which both the police and the media have struggled. It is no doubt that it has been a controversial issue among many other things. However, it is important that both the police and the media realize that their purpose is to serve the public. Being a police officer nowadays is tougher than ever. Throughout the years, police officers have had to overcome the worst times in society. The police at times may be praised for what they do, on the other hand, they may be slandered as well. In return, some police may blame police-media relation for creating a bad misperception that the public have about them. This could be due the strained relationships in communicating information to the public. The fact of the matter is that it is important that both entities improve relations between each other in order to assist in improving the safety of the community and disseminating accurate information to the public. By doing so, it will help correct any misconception the police and the media have about each other.
The police and the media are both equally responsible for the strained relationship they have (Castro, 2006). Over the years, it seems that their relationship has gotten worse. Many complaints of police abuse and misconduct of the media by police, along with police being portrayed as being corrupted, abusive have extended the poor relationship between the police and the media (Bellew, 2001). According to Gerald…

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