The Pledge Of Allegiance States With Liberty And Justice For All

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The Pledge of Allegiance states “with Liberty and Justice for all.” However in Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill A Mockingbird,” this is not the reality. The story takes place in the early 1930s in a prejudiced Southern town called Maycomb. Scout Finch is the daughter of Atticus, a lawyer, who stands for equality and justice for all. Atticus defends Tom Robinson, an African-American person convicted of a rape, and stands up to protect him. Through the characters, Lee implies that when people grow up in a prejudiced environment when most everyone around them has a racist mentality, then they learn that the racism is the right way to think. Therefore, if they don’t think for themselves, then they become prejudiced. It’s a mentality full of flaws, but those prejudiced cannot see that, because people believe what their parents believe usually. If one 's parents are open-minded, then children are able to overcome the prejudice they might have due to the influence of others.

Lee implies that many people are prejudiced because they are influenced by those around them. Scout and Jem are afraid of a house in their neighborhood because of the rumours they hear about the resident that lives in that house, Boo Radley. Scout thinks that “Inside the house lived (lives) a malevolent phantom. People said (say) he existed, but Jem and I (Scout) had never seen him. People said (say) he went (goes) out at night when the moon was (is) down, and peeped (peeps) in windows” (9). Boo Radley’s…

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