The Play Of Crucifixion And Humanity Essay

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Thomas Henderson
Dr. Nakley
Final Paper
York Play of Crucifixion and Humanity As long as humanity has existed, humans have been trying to figure out what humanity is. It has bend elated for generations by people, and many people have different answers. Oftentimes, authors of various works try and explain humanity through their work. It 's often difficult, because we cannot really understand what humanity is. However, some artists get relatively close, and give pretty good explanation as to what it is. The York 's Play of Crucifixion especially shows what it means to be human, in a very intelligent and interesting way. What I believe means to be human is imperfection. As humans, we physically cannot be perfect. There is not one person on this earth who was, is, or ever will be in the future. We have flaws; we make mistakes, sometimes weren 't angry when we simply shouldn 't to people who do not deserve it, and everyone does it. It 's unavoidable. Humans can be brutal, and whether they mean it or not. The York 's Play of Crucifixion shows these faults of humanity when it comes to the soldiers in the play. The play, which is obviously about the Crucifixion of Christ, is actually centered around a group of soldiers who are tasked with crucifying Christ. Although they have no problems with Jesus on the forefront, they are tasked with crucifying him. And, especially in lines 73-90 show how malicious they acted towards him. This is where the York 's Play shows how human…

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