The Plastic Pink Flamingo : A Natural History By Jennifer Price

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“The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History”, written by Jennifer Price, talks frequently about the bright and daring colors that represented America’s culture in the 1950’s. Most industries and products all included flashy shades and vibrant hues, designed to impel light on the past for those that lived in the dreadful era of the Great Depression. It did fulfill its purpose; or at least it seemed to. The way she truly felt about the actual American culture, wasn’t necessarily expressed through just simple words. Although, when reading closely and thoroughly, it becomes very obvious that she makes American’s to live out a humorous and comical way of life through her diverse satirical strategies. In the beginning of the essay, Price uses an almost critical and brusque tone represented by the numerous italics she uses. Stating that “first, it was a flamingo.”, gives off much sarcasm and an ironic tone of voice (Price, lines 2-3). Pointing out how incongruous it certainly is that American’s hunted flamingos to their extinction, just to eat their meat and to preserve their plumes, and yet fast forwarding a hundred years, they choose to use a fake, plastic, bright-pink one as a portrayal of boldness, prosperity, and most importantly, wealth, shows how ridiculous the whole idea transpires to be. Bringing up the “grand hotel”, which clearly illustrates luxury and riches, proves her point that American’s didn’t seem to just aspire to have anything…

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