Essay on The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center

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The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center was founded in 1989, and has served over 150,000 young people, 30,000 teachers, and a countless number of school districts over the past 25 years. The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center designs programs to inspire students’ artistic expression and thought through integrative experiences. Our programs adapt to fit the needs of all students ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The design of our 2016 season will bring laughter, excitement, and a time to explore for all participating students’, but it will also be an asset for education, engagement, and inspiration for the next generation. Arts integration in a school curriculum also establishes more of an understanding in the core classes of reading, writing, science, and math. The Pittsburgh Performing Arts Center will offer an immense number of educational programs for the community and students. Specialized programs will include an instrument “petting zoo” for young children, free performing arts classes for students, matinees, a two-week summer camp, and many more workshops and events for school districts and the community. We have a performance or demonstration for everyone to enjoy! Students in kindergarten through third grade are starting to receive early exposure to instruments and the arts. Instrumental petting zoos let young children have an enjoyable experience while they get up close and personal with instruments that they may see on stage during a performance. The…

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