The Philosophical Writings Of Jean Jacques Rousseau Essay

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Primitive communism was widespread in ancient times due to necessity. This form of communism in modern societies is now impractical. Much of early communist thought was based in religious ideals. Radicals sought to create a heaven on earth through Christian virtues such as simplicity, brotherhood, equality, and other such lofty goals. These groups often sought to escape the rest of society, rather than reform it in whole. The philosophical writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau marked the crossing between the agrarian form of communism from the old days to the modern and industrialized communist beliefs that we know today. His writings later influenced Babeuf. The modern communism of the 19th century emerged alongside capitalism, liberalism, and socialism. Both communism and socialism were critical of capitalism and liberalism, but the two systems differed in their conceptions of what the ideal society should be. In addition, communist ideology was radically egalitarian and militant. Rather than changing the current government system, communist followers hoped to overturn it, even if it led to violence. In 1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels collaborated to publish The Communist Manifesto. The ideology within this writing would go on to shape the future of communism and the methods through which it would be carried out. Marx and Engels hoped to achieve a society in which the proletariat will overthrow the bourgeoisie in order to destroy the boundaries of class,…

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