The Personality Of Antisocial Personality Disorders Essay

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Antisocial Personality Disorders
Not every person can function in a normal society as we perceive it. Every individual is different according to their personality, culture, social upbringing, and various other factors. A person may not be able to fit into a social structure due to just moving into a new culture /country. However there are some people who, no matter what the circumstances are, always remain the outcast. For those who cannot participate in our social fabric, they are said to be suffering from an antisocial personality disorder. In my paper I shall be talking about various causes and effects of this disorder, and how it can be tackled, along with a few examples.
When someone is suffering from antisocial personality disorder, it can be generally be spotted. However some people suffering from this disorder have taught themselves with the help of others to put a mask on themselves. At that point it may be hard to spot them. But, there are some common symptoms through which a person can be categorized to have this disorder. They are as follows:
• Disregard for right and wrong
• Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
• Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or for sheer personal pleasure
• Intense egocentrism, sense of superiority and exhibitionism
• Recurring difficulties with the law
• Repeatedly violating the rights of others by the use of intimidation, dishonesty and misrepresentation
• Child abuse or neglect
• Hostility, significant…

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