Essay about The Perpetrators Of Intimate Partner Violence

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Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence Research has revealed intimate partner violence to be further multifaceted than once initially thought (Holtzworth-Munroe & Stuart, 1994). Traditional intimate partner violence management emphases on male perpetrators and female survivors. This is a theory that all violence is patriarchal, which I believe Johnson is using when defining the sub-groups of batterers. Based on this theory, the foundations of Johnsons control typology are grounded in the studies of the feminist concept. This idea conceives intimate partner violence as a matter of control, imbedded in patriarchal customs in heterosexual relationships. The first sub-group Johnson defines as a typology of violence is situational violence, or common couple violence. This is defined as an intimate partner violence that is not inserted in an overall pattern of controlling behaviors. Situational violence is not based on control tendencies, but follows when specific conflict situations escalate to violence. The violent acts involved in situational violence can vary from pushing and shoving, to life threatening assaults. In the film Disturbia, there is a strong example of situational violence. A single mom, Julie, has formed a relationship rather quickly with neighbor, also single, Mr. Turner. Her son, Kale, begins to become suspicious of Mr. Turner because of how quickly he is trying to bond with his mother. He then accuses Mr. Turner of the murders happening around their…

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