Essay The Past And The Future Of Health Care

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The Past and the Future of Health Care
Peter Drucker once said, “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different”. The health care field will always be changing. Some changes are due to the considerable amount of new technology, the older population, and the health care reform. Most doctors are trying their utmost to evolve with the changes that keep coming in health care. The United States is trying to make the health care field more efficient and enhance patient care however; providers are still going to face challenges as the changes keep coming.
Changes in the Past Ten Years
Dr. S. Kraft states the question of who takes care of the patients is the most considerable change in the past ten years (personal communication, November 20, 2014). Today providers do not have the same amount of say in the care for the patients compared to the past when there was a sacred relationship between the patient and provider (Sultz & Young, 2013). General care and prevention are the largest caretaker as opposed to hospitalist specialty taking care of most patients ten years ago says Dr. S. Kraft (personal communication, November 20, 2014). Sultz and Young (2013) explain under the affordable care act (ACA) patients of any age are now able to receiver certain preventative services. Dr. S. Kraft expresses primary care physicians compared to ten years ago are sending more patients to specialist (personal communication, November 20, 2014). Dr. S. Kraft…

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