The Obama Administration Formulating Of Transport Foreign Ebola Patients

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A current national issue is the Obama Administration devising to transport foreign Ebola patients to the United States for treatment. This “Ebola plan” has raised more concerns and questions than answers.
• How intensive will the doctors and nurses clean themselves after being in contact with Ebola patients?
• How sure of no holes in the doctors’ and nurses’ suits?
• How will contaminated clothing, bedding, and equipment be handled and disposed?
A simple medical mistake could cause an Ebola outbreak within the borders of the United States - a dire threat to the nation. Also, the United States could become a potential target for terrorists if the President allows border access and transportation of foreign citizens for Ebola treatment. For example, ISIS terrorists can undoubtedly cross the border, access America, and intentionally infect Americans with the Ebola disease or any other disease and by doing so could cause catastrophic consequences. America is certainly not equipped for epidemics. Besides, there is how many foreign individuals infected and the Obama Administration anticipates treating each foreign patient here in the United States with no approved cure or drug? Moreover, Americans speculate if the President of the United States is looking out for their best interests; if he were, the President would be doing everything in his power to protect Americans from this scourge. As a result of Obama’s proposal, infuriated Americans question and dispute the President’s…

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