The Noise Machine Of The Studio Essay

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In this essay, the role that music and noise play in the modern art will be assessed keenly. I will look at the noises made during presentation of artwork and the role it plays to the viewers. In looking at that role, the work of Marina Abramovich and Balkan Baroque will be assessed to show how important music is to the art.
Luigi Russolo and Ugo Piatti had a studio in Milan in 1900. The noise machine of the studio was known as the intonarumori. The studio was used for presentation of different arts. This shows why music is crucial for presentations of artwork. In this essay, I will discuss the rhetoric technique skills. This is a technique that an artist or a presenter of an art uses in the quest of conveying to the listener or to the audience. The main goal of using rhetoric techniques is to try and persuade the audience towards a specific course of action. Successful and appropriate rhetoric techniques are used to make sentences that are designed to provoke or encourage a rational argument from an action and as well as from a display that is emotional. Therefore, these techniques are used to show the feeling that the presenter has towards a certain topic. In this, the works of Joseph Beuys in 1965 where he explains pictures to a dead hare while his head is covered with gold leaf and honey depicts how crucial this skill is. Therefore, in this essay I will use the works of Joseph Beuys, Marina Abramovich and Balkan Baroque and Luigi Russolo and Ugo Piatti.
A modern art is…

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