The No Child Left Behind Act Of 2001 ( Nclb ) Essay

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18 November 2014

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act on January 8, 2002 at a ceremony at the Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ohio. Hamilton, Ohio was chosen for the signing because it was the home of Representative John Boehner who was the Chairman for the House Education Committee. The No Child Left Behind Act did increase federal funding to the states by almost 25% from the previous year but it also increased federal mandates for states, school districts and public schools. The U. S. Constitution does not mention education so the federal government does not have the power to create a nation education system. The laws of the 50 states have governed education. Ninety percent of funding for education has come from the states while only ten percent comes from the federal government. The No Child Left Behind Act is not the first time the federal government has been involved with education. In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson passed The Elementary and Secondary Maddux 2
Education Act of 1965 as part of the War on Poverty. This act provided federal funding to help provide opportunities for disadvantaged student to improve their education. This law has to be reauthorized by Congress every few years. In 1983, the Commission on Excellence in Education was assembled by the Secretary of Education. They issued…

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