The Museum Of Man For The First Time Essays

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The Museum of Man As I walked in the Museum of the Man for the first time, I was amazed of how much you can learn there. It is a very large and interesting museum that contains a lot of different informations and talked about many different topics. One of the many interesting things I saw and learned about in the museum is the the fossil dating and about their relative and/or absolute age. In order to find the age of the special kind of fossil named hominid, there are 2 different types of techniques. The first type is called relative, which shows a fossil as older in age or younger depending on the materials that are surrounding the fossil. The second type is called absolute which shows the real and actual age of the fossils or just like the relative technique, the material that surrounds the fossil. The relative technique includes another 4 different dating techniques, which is surprising because I have never heard about them before. These four techniques are called: Biostratigraphy, paleomagnetism, palynology (pollen analysis) and lastly, stratigraphy. For the absolute techniques, like the relative techniques it included many different technique as well such as: ‘carbon-14 or radiocarbon dating’, ‘electron spin resonance dating’, ‘fission track dating’, ‘potassium-argon (K/AR) dating’, ‘thermoluminescence’ and lastly, ‘uranium series dating’. Learning about the age of fossils and how to be able to identify the age of the different fossils we face daily was interesting…

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