The Murder Of Criminal Justice Essay

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If you were sentenced to life for rape what would you do? Especially if you’re not the real suspect. July 25, 1984 in Burlington NC, Jennifer Thompson home was broken into and a suspect was armed with a knife and told her shut up or he will kill her and she was raped. Jennifer studied the features of the rapist so if she lives he’ll go to prison. Jennifer tricked her rapist into thinking she was going to fix him a drink, and she ran out the home. Later that night her suspect raped another women about half a mile away, I thought to myself that he’s coldblooded. Jennifer chose Ronald Cotton in a line up as her suspect as number 5. Pretrial process proceed such as right to a lawyer , first court appearance as well as the prosecutor’s decision to charge Ronald.
The suspect 22 year old Ronald, that Jennifer chose knew nothing of this rape. I figured after that expression that he wasn’t the right guy and law enforcement should’ve dug dipper into this case. Three different trials done again after identifying a line up, and after 40 minutes all verdicts chose guilty. Ronald was cuffed and sentenced , also being that Jennifer identified him in court numerous amount of times. I felt they had the wrong man and felt bad for him, I don’t know if it was a race thing, because it was the 80’s and still lots of racism going on but there wasn’t…

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