The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Essay examples

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As a secular society, the idea of Christmas being religious is a distant memory, and society wants it to stay that way. Christmas is now just a way of society pushing its inhabitants to work; Christmas has lost its significance. When stores start putting out Christmas decorations in October, it is readily apparent that Christmas has become too commercialized. Wishing someone a "Merry Christmas," has become almost non-existent to express. In today 's society, it seems everyone has to be politically correct as to not offend anyone. Retail establishments and the workplace alike have also de-valued the true meaning of Christmas. Celebrations allowing coworkers the opportunity to mingle with one another on a different level, now replaced with a handout known as the "Christmas bonus". While retailers, worry about how much revenue they can generate throughout the season, their goal is to pull in the consumer with the "best bargains" money can buy. Christmas you can say has actually lost its "Merry."

There was a time when Christmas was about celebrating with family and friends--It was a time of sharing laughs and making memories. I recall my mother and my aunts in the kitchen baking, telling stories of their childhood, laughing, and making memories. Then there was that special batch of cookies made, to leave for the anticipated arrival of the famous white bearded man we had all heard stories of, Santa Claus; this man flew around the world in…

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