The Molding Tree Essay

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The Molding Tree
How are we molded into the people we’re becoming? Do we wake up one day and decide that we hate biological warfare? Does someone program our minds to be decisionless machines until a specific day when everything makes sense? From the time we take our first breaths, until the time we lay down on our deathbed, our minds are being molded into new shapes and ideas. We aren’t shaped by the thick plaster they use to mold clay- no, our minds are much too complicated for that. Instead, we’re cast out of the flesh, blood and bones of the familiar strangers we’re born to. They influence us from the moment we’re born, chiseling away at the things we do to reform us into the people we need to be to survive this cruel world. Everyones ' mold concaves and convexes in different ways, however the best part is the story of how the mold formed.
I remember staying the night at my grandma’s house, laying on a makeshift bed between two old and stained woven couches. We’d lay there for hours, talking as we waited for the cold hands of sleep to drag us under. I would listen to her telling me all the wonders of being able to take glass soda bottles to the candy store, cash the bottles in for a nickel a bottle, and leave with pockets overflowing with candy. At five years old, nothing sounded better. As the years ticked by, however, the stories took on a dark undertone. Stories of bombs, riots, busses being tipped, and a teacher being stabbed with a pair of scissors were now just as…

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