The Miami Herald : A Reality Of Everyday Life Essay examples

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For those living in South Florida—the closest point in the US to Cuba—the problem of marine refugees is a reality of everyday life. The largest local newspaper, The Miami Herald, publishes stories about Cuban refugees on a regular basis, the most recent story is dated September 23rd, 2014. The island has a peculiar history with the United States and South Florida, Miami specifically, has the largest population of Cubans living in exile of any place in the world. In order to understand why these people jump on often manmade rafts—risking sunburn, dehydration, and perils at sea—we must first understand the forces within the country that are pushing these extreme outcomes. The country has been ruled by the communist government instituted by Fidel Castro since 1959. Castro led a revolution to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista before him but the government that followed was not any better for the Cuban people. The Castro regime has remained in power even when Fidel himself was unfit to rule: the right to govern is now held by his brother Raul Castro. At the regime’s inception, Castro aligned himself with the then socialist Soviet Union, straining whatever ties the island might have had to the US. The situation further deteriorated when the tensions escalated in what we now know as the Cuban Missile Crisis: the fear that the Cubans had Soviet missiles aimed at South Florida and were prepared to use them. This along with the US embargo on Cuba imposed in the…

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