Essay on The Medical Practices Of The Roman Army

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The medical practices of the roman army grew to be highly complex and structured over time. These medical practices allowed for the army to be highly successful because they allowed for the wounded to be treated efficiently, and quickly in order to return to the battlefield. The origins of military medicine begin with the basic need for survival. From 300 B.C., which was the begging of the Early Roman Army, until 30 B.C. and the start of Roman Imperial Army the wounded often treated themselves as well as their fallen comrades. As time went on the need for a more centralized and structured system of medical care became more evident. The Roman army was able to create a system of medical care that not only strengthened the army, but also the empire as a whole. One should first examine how soldiers cared for themselves and the other wounded before the complex structure was created. Roman soldiers of the Republican Period had to be self-reliant and able to take care of their own wounds and aid other soldiers. The goal from the beginning was to keep soldiers as healthy as possible. Medical care was crude and according to author John Scarborough in his book Roman Medicine it, “was practiced by the soldiers upon one another as we would expect citizens to do in Roman civilian life” (67). During this time the goal of military medicine was to get the wounded back to the battlefield as quickly as possible. Evidence shows that Roman soldiers were equipped with bandages to be able to…

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