Essay on The Media 's Influence On The Body

1097 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
In case you haven 't figured it out yet, the media have always had the power to influence without us realizing it. Unfortunately, the media have reached the point where it advertisement portrays unreachable beauty an body goals that promote and lead to unhealthy consequences. This issue of idolizing unattainable beauty standards that the media portray has finally been addressed by many journalists in order to bring awareness to the negative and permanent effects it has on the body because we as human beings need to realize that we can 't strive for perfection. Despite the strong hold that the media has managed to obtain from the public, we need to learn where to form a boundary between the media and reality; we need to accept and love ourselves regardless of the media 's portrayal of beauty. As previously mentioned, over the past decades, the media has been able to brainwash the public to follow and aim for beauty standards that are very hard and sometimes impossible to acquire. To make it worse, not only are these desires becoming the “norm”, but they appear to be connected to many negative, dangerous, and unhealthy conditions and diseases, such as depression and anorexia, that can permanently affect one 's body and mind. (Never Just Pictures 1) Its essential to understand the importance of self-love and self-care despite the pressure of the media by embracing the uniqueness in different body types, loving and accepting our own imperfections, and by appreciating our…

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