The Media Of The Campaign Project Essay

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Our persuasion campaign project can easily be recognized throughout the different forms of mass media. The main motives or values of the campaign are based mainly on emotion and action. Through the use of emotion our campaign is showing both the positive and negative lights on our campaign. Through the use of action the campaign shows how the audience can get involved with out having to spend money. The main focus is for the audience to focus on the volunteering aspect of our campaign. Our group is focusing on the importance of time and human connection within the campaign. Time and human connection are two things that money can’t help a sick child recover from. The overall theme our group chose for this campaign was “Lift Them Up.” What this means is that we plan to lift children up physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our goal is for the audience to volunteer time out of their day to come down to the hospital and play with the sick children. By doing this volunteers are helping the children be physically active in there time of need. Through playing with the children, our audience is also helping the children keep up there mental awareness while in the hospital. Lastly by playing with the children we hope that our intended audience wants to develop an emotional or loving friendship with the children in the hospital.
The storyboard or commercial layout of the project goes into detail of what our campaign is all about and who we are trying to persuade to follow our…

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