The Media Is A Powerful Social Agent Essay

1105 Words Jan 6th, 2016 5 Pages
The media is a powerful social agent, having the ability to influence a community or nations perception of a given minority group. Islam and the West have been the focus of American media sources since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Global media sources have a predominately negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims, generally categorizing them as violent extremists and terrorists. Following the 9/11 and Paris terror attacks and the establishment of the Islamic State group, ISIS, islamophobia, or the fear of Islam and Muslims, has peaked throughout the United States (Espiritu, 2015). F. A. Noor (2007) explained that the "Muslim identity and the concerns of Muslims are increasingly being defined in terms of an oppositional dialectic that pits Islam and Muslims against the rest of the world”. Islamophobia has become highlighted in media, often misrepresenting the whole Muslim culture as murderers, terrorists, and extremists, solely focused on harming other individuals, especially Americans. These misconceptions have led to a clash of civilizations between the Muslim and Christians. Due to the show influence of the media, "educators teaching about the social difference and about minorities in society face a variety of challenges in effectively teaching students accurate and balanced understands of different groups in society, particularly competing with the influence of the mass media on young people 's minds" (Jackson, 2010). Islamaphobia, as mentioned above, is…

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