Essay about The Media And The Internet

1389 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
Social media and the Internet have radically changed the capabilities of the public in media. Everyday citizens now make important contributions to the media agenda through their sightings and public opinions. At the forefront of contributors, citizen journalists stand out as people reporting and gathering evidence without being formally trained in the art of journalism. Citizen journalists create a major amount of stories and evidence that gets broadcast to a wider audience through television news and Internet articles. The major media companies of today sometimes rely on contributions that come from citizen journalists in forming stories. Most recently, accounts of police brutality, racial issues, and other stories trained journalists couldn’t obtain footage of have been added into the mainstream media in a sort of mutualistic relationship for media companies and citizen journalists. In this relationship, citizen journalists gain a wider audience for their contribution while the media company is being provided a video to present to the public.
While it may seem like citizen journalism is for the best, I am here to argue why it is degrading journalism standards and reducing the extent of evidence, discussion, and investigation into serious topics. More specifically, the ways in which citizen journalism is hurting the newspaper industry, which is responsible for generating a large majority of newly investigated stories, as well as reducing a number of serious journalism…

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