The Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Mass media has exposed 1500 ads daily (Kilbourne, 1979). People are surrounded by advertising that loses negative effects to the daily life of people. Among other media, beauty related ads give stimulus to the many teenage girls. Beauty ads prefer slim and beautiful models to create a visual effect on people. To bring the visual effects to people, the media represents the model as a sex object. Therefore, a teenage girl mimics what they see to make them look like the models in the ads. The media knows the psychological minds of girls and tends to use provocative contents to stimulate girls. The media is giving peripheral nerve influence to girls, and girls are becoming more intensely exposed to the media without knowing. If this critical siutation is maintained, then the teenage girls can harm their bodies from diseases and diets. Advertises are making more money by using these teenagers. Advertises earn billions of dollars annually, but some teenage girls are suffering physically, psychologically, and socially.

Teenage girls can be psychologically influenced by a model appearing in the media. One psychological effect can be craving to become attractive by using the products appearing in the ads. However, the problem is when ads are giving too much stimulus. Teenage girls are putting a lot of effort to become more beautiful, in order to follow the models appearing in the media. Experts say when a girl keeps changing her appearance; it is called body dimorphic disorder…

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