The Media And Body Image Concerns Essay

1876 Words May 12th, 2016 8 Pages
computer-altered models as well as normal-size female models. The ladies were offered several snacks as a part of the experiment. The women that were showed the thin model ads leaned more toward the diet snacks and the ladies that were showed the normal sized models leaned toward the everyday snacks. Another study conducted by Ida Jodette Hatoum and Deborah Belle, show the effects the media and advertising has on the men. For men the advertised image is usually a tall muscular man that is what the media describes as the “ideal man” for societal standards. This study investigates the association between media consumption and body image concerns. The experiment was placed upon 89 students. They read magazines that advertised muscularity, fitness, beauty products, and supplements for body building. It was found that many men developed self-esteem issues due to their weight. The body dissatisfaction often leads to a desperate and dangerous excessive workout routine along with extreme dieting. A known method to stay healthy with the right diet, has generally become a part of a person’s routine. It is effortless to observe that they over-work their bodies to and go to extreme extents to look like what they see in the magazines advertisements. It has now become the obsession that constantly run through the consumers’ minds, due to the effects of the advertising by the mass media. It is the result of insecurity and “hopping on the band wagon” to achieve the ideal body. There has…

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