Essay on The Marketing Strategy Of Carmax

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Big Idea
CarMax is a fortune 500 company and is the largest used-car dealerships in the United States. That being said it is everyone has heard of CarMax and has an overall idea of the product and resources they offer. The goal and objective of this digital strategy is to target larger customer base that is looking for a new vehicle. This will focus on CarMax’s name to be associated with ease and efficiency with consumers when searching for a car.

Target Audience
The target audience for this digital strategy will be people in between the ages of eighteen to seventy who has an eligible lenience and is looking to sell their car or is looking to buy and new or used vehicle.

Social Media
CarMax does not use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter nearly as much as they should. I would say that this area needs the most work by far. First there was a point between December 2015 to February 2016 where CarMax only posted eleven times on Facebook; that is not acceptable for any company in this county to post that scarcely. I am glad to say that in the month of March CarMax has started to use Facebook more often with posting four times and commenting back to people comment. In one of my early blogs I explained how CarMax would not comment back to customers when they would comment on their post and how I thought it was a mistake. I am really happy to see that they are very recently changing how they use Facebook. If you look at these two pictures CarMax has been making…

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