Essay about The Marketing Strategy Of Almond Milk

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Sales Promotion
Our advertising campaign’s objective is to effectively reach our target market through media. These days, media can be used as a base in a variety of mediums including TV, Internet, and magazines. Considering the fact that the product we are promoting is Almond Milk, ads promoting it will easily comply with all restrictions and conditions that might be set by the respective mediums.
The objectives of our sales promotions will be to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and the consumers whereby the consumers benefit from having access to a highly nutritious, healthy, and delicious alternative to dairy milk and we benefit from the sale of our product and the profitability resulting from it.
The number of salespeople will be worked out according to the budget available for sales promotion. In addition to releasing our ads in the print and digital media, we shall also make a sales force including four people. These four salespeople will establish stalls in the supermarkets, parks, and recreational spots where people will be offered Almond Milk in small glasses free of cost for tasting. One will administer the milk, make sure it is piled up and packed well. Another will pour milk from the bottles into the cups whereas the other two will distribute the cups among the people and answer customer questions about the product.
Money will be spent on advertising. For the most part, sales promotion will be carried out over the Internet and…

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