The Main Purpose Of Anti Cancer Drugs Essay

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The main purpose of anti-cancer drugs is to fight cancer cells. Cancer is a larger group of diseases that only have one thing in common that is abnormal cells growing at of control. While the growths of cells are very controlled, that is the opposite case with cancer. But with cancer the cell cycles are disrupted and the cells then divide causing them to multiply enabling a mass of cells called tumors. Benign and malignant are the two types of tumors. Benign are non-life threatening but malignant are and they need to be treated. The most common risks that cause cancer as genetic predisposition, which is inheriting a higher, chance to get cancer, over exposure to estrogen, and carcinogenic chemicals. There are multiple different treatments to cancer including three of the most common chemotherapy, which uses anti-cancer drugs, radiation, and hormone therapy. Drug treatment for cancer is directed to treat and relieve symptoms of cancer. The drugs work by inhibiting DNA synthesis in cell growth cycle. Unfortunately the down side to these drugs are that due to the drugs targeting quickly dividing of cells it targets non-cancerous cells like blood and hair cells. Blood cells help to fight infections, blood clotting and carry oxygen. These cells can be targeted as well during the use on anti-cancer drugs causing patients to be at high risk to catch infections and hair loss. Chemotherapy is a treatment of cancer, but within chemotherapy there are multiple types of drugs. They…

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