Essay on The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The Lottery This short story begins with a scene in a small village of polite folks gathering together for an event that happens every year in the town square. The reader is introduced to an enlightening story which gives the idea that someone will end up winning a grand prize. Instead, this lottery is held in the village in which one person will end their life by being stoned to death. For seventy years, this lottery has been held in the town square. Shirley Jackson uses setting, symbolism, and characterization to help the reader understand her short story, “The Lottery.” On the day of the lottery, the sky was clear and sunny. It is a warm summer day with flowers blossoming everywhere. The folks in the village gather together in the town square on the 27th day of June each year at 10:00 a.m. for the lottery drawing. This event takes place in the morning so that it can be finished by noon and the villagers can get back home for noon dinner. The children gather together first in the town square. They are gathering the smoothest stones that can be found. Next, the men of the village gather together and are making small talk about their planting times, rain, tractors, etc. The women show up and stand by their husbands and exchange bits of gossip (Jackson 1). Mr. Summers arrives to the town square with the black wooden box. Mr. Graves, who is following Mr. Summers, is carrying a three-legged stool. The villagers will draw slips of paper from the black box. The…

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