Essay about The Life And Times Of Jackie Robinson

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15 Dec. 2015
The Life and Times of Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson began his sports career in high school, playing sports like track, basketball and football (“The Life of Jackie Robinson”). Jackie suffered many injustices during his professional career, but kept playing anyways. After he retired, Jackie was involved in many civil rights movements. Jackie’s legacy will always be remembered and honored. Jackie Robinson was an outstanding baseball player, an amazing civil rights leader, and an American hero. Jackie Robinson’s love, bravery and determination changed baseball and all other sports forever by breaking the color barrier .
Jackie Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia, January 31, 1919, where he grew up with four older brothers and sisters, three brothers and one sister (“The Life of Jackie Robinson”). Shortly after Jackie was born, his father left his family and his mother moved them all to Pasadena, California. When Robinson was a kid, he played club Tennis and won a Championship in the Pacific Coast Negro Tennis League (Obias). Robinson went to John Muir High school and was an excellent student. He played tennis, football, and track in high school. After high school Jackie was invited to UCLA to play football (“The Life of Jackie Robinson”). There he received varsity Letters in Four Sports: baseball, football, track, and basketball. In college he was one of the best punt returners in the country (“Jackie Robinson Biography).…

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