The Legalization Of Gay Marriage Essay

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The legalization of gay marriage is one of the most controversial social problem of today’s society. On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall Inn in New York City, was raided by police. During that time it was common for police officers to raid homosexual bars and give the patrons’ hard times but on that particular night the occupants fought back and which triggered days of protests. The riots marked the beginning of the gay rights movement. As of November 26, 2014, gay marriage has been legalized in thirty-five states and the District of Columbia, fifteen states have gay marriage bans through either laws or constitutional amendments or both.
On the surface, one would think that the concept of gay marriage would be too benign for a severe social controversy, but in reality, this has become a major problem. Traditionally, the act of marriage would represent the love and companionship between two people. It is safe to say that throughout history, the majority would declare that marriage shall solely be between, a man and a woman. On the contrary, this union of love and companionship can persist between any two people, whether male or female. With references to our nature, gay marriage should be legalized because marriage is a natural human right and therefore a civil right of all human beings. Gay marriage should be legalized because they deserve the same treatment and respect as other individuals. Even though the federal government defines marriage as between one man and…

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