The Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Plastic Surgery Essay

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The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Plastic Surgery
When you hear the word Plastic Surgery, many thoughts and emotions go through your brain. There are some people who are so opposed to it because they don’t have all the facts as to what it is. Plastic Surgery has two branches, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery main goal is to improve the anesthetic appearance of a person and reconstruction surgery is to help improve the function and try to ensure normal appearance. However normal appearance is not always applicable. In the US we don’t separate the difference in reconstructive and cosmetic which causes controversy.
As a plastic surgeon there is a code of ethics which you must adhere to. There are General principles which applies to the medical knowledge required to become a plastic surgeon and tells the surgeon what options they have as to who to serve, and there are Specific Principles which apply to the type of behavior and demeanor required to be a plastic surgeon. The code of ethics are wrote by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the surgeon can be prosecuted by law if he doesn’t withhold these standard set forth. However, the prosecution of a medical professional is rare in the United States and Europe (Gupta, 2012). Then you have the Surgical Technologist who assist the surgeon in the surgeries who has a code of ethics to withhold too. These code of ethic are not the same. They both are very different and advise the doctor or…

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