Essay on The Lasting Effect Of Gender

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The question itself highlights a huge illogical stigma in our society; which is to use gender as a measuring variable for answering questions beyond anatomical differences. Humans are born with a blank slate of mind, and the actions and thoughts of the society we live in permeates our mind, which eventually defines our characteristics and values as a person. An analysis of such a behavior was carefully studied by Cristina Bicchieri, a professor in the Philosophy and Psychology Departments at the University of Pennsylvania. She concluded that there are two ways a person reaches a decision. One is through a deliberate and rational method, where conscious deliberation of one’s perception (or misperception) at the costs and benefits of the action, and the other is through judging the situation based on similar situations or societal norms. (Bicchieri, 2006)

To believe that gender plays a role in an individual’s performance, is to accept that society has not been treating both genders equally, therefore resulting in different characteristics on both ends. This essay aims to systematically analyze the lasting effect of this inequity on paid labor force in our current era and to see if the question holds any truth.
The first baseline to be established is the existence of a difference in terms of leadership styles between men and women. There are many recent articles pointing towards differences in management styles between men and women (Jacobson et al 2010, Hatcher 2003) such as…

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