Essay on The Lack Of Time Management

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The Lack of Time Management in Real Life Would it not be just wonderful if nothing was set on a timed schedule? Instead of worrying about assignments being turned in on time or getting anxious about deadlines approaching, we could just relax and say, “I 'll do it when I feel like it.” I could most likely speak for everybody in the world when I say that kind of situation would be perfect. However, this thing called 'real life ' or 'reality ' hits you like a wrecking ball and makes you realize that the ideal way of life described above simply does not exist, and is just not possible. As we all know, time is definitely of the essence when it comes to work, school, or just life in general. We all have to be productive in a timely manner when, most of the time, the time chosen is just not in our control. To some people, it feels like they are constantly being pulled in various directions with the demands in life and can never seem to be on top of things. Does that necessarily mean that someone who struggles with time management can not help one 's situation and will remain in that struggle? I have a few opinions who have an answer to that question.

Blair Presley, full-time student at Union University and assistant manager at Sun Tan City, was interviewed on the need of well-developed time management to deal with every day life. Anyone who knows Blair, knows that she is very ambitious and is always up and going when it comes to her obligations. Yet, this young lady still…

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