The Lack Of Interest And Advocacy For The Arts Essay

1360 Words Apr 16th, 2016 null Page
Maria Shriver once stated that “Art is fundamental, unique to each of us…Even in difficult economic times – especially in difficult economic times – the arts are essential.” Nonetheless, there is still a lack of interest and advocacy for the arts. This is a problem that has arisen over the last thirty or so years, and occurs everywhere, however it is more of a prominent problem in some places than it is in others. Norman, Oklahoma, for instance, is a place that is lacking when it comes to the support for the arts. Even though it may not seem evident on a daily basis, people are greatly affected by the lack of advocacy; we, as a nation, will suffer tremendously by becoming a less cultured people, lacking in knowledge and humanity, without the presence of the arts. Attempts have been made to fix this problem, however it seems these attempts haven’t been enough. The reason for this is perhaps advocates are aiming toward the wrong audience or going about fixing the problem in the wrong way. High school and college students are the future and have the ability to change the way things currently are and pave ways for new ideas. If high school to college aged students are made more aware of the arts and the importance of the arts, it would lead to a significant change and an increase of advocacy. The fact that technology has boomed over the last decade also must be acknowledged, and therefore efforts should take a more digital approach. While there are websites and several social…

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