Essay about The Journey With God Through Time

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Teach Me, Guide Me, Walk Beside Me: The Journey with God through Time In each of the “big three” religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the faithful worshipers have a sense of how they experience a journey with God through time. The intent of this essay is to explain how an individual worshiper in each of these religions experiences this journey with God through time, and in what sense these traditions say that they are with God. Judaism is the reasonable starting point for explanation as it is the oldest of the “big three” religions. The understanding in Judaism is that a person has the free choice of choosing between good and evil because each person has an individual relationship with God. The belief is that God established a covenant with the Jews in which they would be God’s people; as long as they obeyed His laws, He would be their God. As explained in World Religions Today, these laws called halakhah, mean “to walk in the way of God” (Esposito 80). Consequently, in Judaism, a very simplistic explanation of the journey with God through time would be that it is by obedience to the commandments of God. Halakhah is only the centripetal force of Judaism, and it would be somewhat inappropriate to suggest that keeping the laws is the only way in Judaism to have a relationship with God. There is great diversity within Judaism that also includes rituals and rites that mark transitions in a person’s journey with God. In Judaism, these are the rites of Bris or…

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