Essay on The Issue Of Marijuana Economics

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Kimberly Haskins
Ed Knapp
Principles of Microeconomics
17 November 2014

Marijuana Economics

This program I chose to write about was found on iTunes under the Podcast section. The event was hosted at The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, CA on July 30, 2009. In comparison to some of California’s other crops, Marijuana is their largest crop. Marijuana alone brings in double the revenue of produce. Californians are asking themselves why they do not tax this crop. According to the program, if Californians taxed and legalized pot, it could provide $1.3 billion dollars to our damaged economy. Is it that easy to help our economy or is more difficult than we think it is? By watching the program, we hear advocates from both sides of the argument argue the bad and good reasons for legalizing marijuana. Four speakers were invited to speak about the cause. The first speaker is Richard Lee who is the founder of Oaksterdam University and also the founder of Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance. Scott Kirkland is the Chief of Police in El Cerrito, Eugene Schoenfeld is a medical doctor who is also a court appointed psychiatrist to the Panel Superior Court of Contra Costa County and Josh Richman who represents Contra Costa Times and is the moderator. The biggest struggle that marijuana faces is legalization. Marijuana is only taxed by ounces, not grams, joints or any other membership. Scott Kirkland opposes the idea by stating revenue would be lost because the pot would…

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