Essay about The Issue Of Gun Violence

1939 Words Nov 19th, 2014 null Page
Since December of 1791 all US citizens have had the right to bear arms thanks to the 2nd amendment and ever since then people have argued that this right is too much for people to handle and that people will suffer drastically for this. Today in America we are seeing huge debates in all governments due to the tragedies of recent school shootings around America like Sandy Hook. So many were moved by what happened at Sandy Hook and tried to find ways to prevent this from ever happening again but this is no easy task. People all over the US today are seeing their gun rights put to the test even though they may not even know it. Government is trying its best to prevent gun violence without having people lose some of their freedoms. People everywhere are feeling the effects of guns and how they can cause great and terrible things. The American government today faces many questions on how they will deal with this very difficult topic of gun control, and soon we will see the government taking its side on it due to the many tragic cases of the miss use of guns in the news. Gun Control is the power of government that sets limits on guns, and has recently government using its power to find the best way to prevent things like school shootings and other sources of gun violence in the country, and government knows that for people to keep their guns they must be responsible. Guns are a resource to many because they provide a way of sports, money, and hunting for citizens in the US, but…

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