The Issue Of Gun Violence And Youth Essay

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Chapter One The issue of gun violence and youth is a major topic among the academic discipline of psychology. Because of the broad nature of the topic, this research will focus on two methods of exposure, observation and engagement. Additionally, it will research what psychological impact this exposure has on youth. These young people are often left to cope with the wide-ranging consequences of exposure to gun violence. Bushman, Newman, Calvert, Downey, Dredze, Gottfredson, Jablonski, Masten, Morrill, Neill, Romer, and Webster (2016) define the term “psychological impact” as “referring to feelings or emotions experienced by youth that impact their ability to function normally.” These feelings or emotions can range from anger and/or aggressive behavior to withdrawal and/or antisocial behavior. Garbarino, Bradshaw, and Vorassi (2002) found that youth who are exposed to gun violence suffer from these negative psychological impacts. These youth can become desensitized to future acts of violence.
The mental health of youth exposed to gun violence is of a global concern. This research will focus on youth between the ages of 10 and 24-years old. Currently, youth are being exposed to gun violence in a variety of ways. Exposure can take place in the home, school, or community (Garbarino et al., 2002). This constant barrage of exposure has an impact on the well-being of youth, despite best efforts of parents and teachers to shield them from gun violence. Youth exposure…

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