The Is The World 's Largest Rodent At One And A Half Essay

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Capybaras are the world’s largest rodent at one and a half to two feet tall at the shoulder, four feet in length, and up to 150 pounds. They were once thought to be related to beavers but it has been discovered that they are more closely related to the rat. They are simi-aquatic animals and use water to escape from predators. They can stay submerged for up to 5 minutes and can press their ears to their heads in order to keep water out. They eat grasses and aquatic plants and have special digestive adaptations that allow them to retain nutrients from their highly fibrous diet. They also eat their own feces which allows them to ingest a higher percentage of proteins and other nutrients. Capybaras live in small family groups of 10-20 individuals usually consisting of one dominant male, several females, their offspring and a few subordinate males who are relegated to sentry duty on the edges of the capybara territory. The dominant male stays centralized and safer and has the added advantage of being able to mate with all of the females. Capybaras mate in the water and after 5 months of pregnancy the babies are born. As newborns, they cannot swim and are basically defenseless. Capybara lifespans in the wild are approximately 8-10 years. (
Sloths live mostly in trees, hanging by their 3-4 inch claws and eating the leaves that other animals are unable to reach. They sleep in a hanging position or curled up in a ball in a fork in the trees. Sloths…

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