The Invention Of The Internet Essay

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The intent behind the invention of the internet is absolutely different to the application that have majored this platform. It is true to say that the proprietors never saw it coming when they were spending countless hours making it. It is vital to note that the internet was made for easier communication between experts and the war generals. The telephone, letters and radio signals had become too mainstream, innovation had to set in to ensure that privacy and confidentiality of the information being communicated was protected as much as it could have been. A few years after it became mainstream, the first internet relationship site comes up in 1995, this was a compliment of pen pals and other matchmaking platforms where people could meet, the advantage here was that a user could do it without having the stress of traditional forms of communication (telephone, fax and letters). It also guaranteed accessibility in real time a concept that was new to the people at the time. Fast forwarding these events to ten years later, Google had been invested, Yahoo had been reigning in a number of platforms on the web, and Facebook was on the rise; in short the giant, that is the internet had grown so fast and was the thing (International Society for the Study of Personal Relationships., & International Association for Relationship Research, 2014). The internet has brought about many concepts that would have been unimaginable a number of years ago, for instance online…

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