Essay on The Invention Of The American Dream

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It is said that an idea is like a virus, it spreads from one individual to another and once it sticks there is no stopping it and such was the idea of the American Dream. This idea has given hope, powered great innovations, engineered remarkable technology and raised the United States to the superpower that it is right now. It is like an idea whose time has come and the change it intends to initiate is unstoppable. The idea began as a notion, a thought among many Americans that everybody deserved the right to seek happiness and freedom, to better his or her life by hard work and raw ambition. In 1931, the phrase came to life through the work of an American historian who coined the phrase “American Dream” (Martin, 2010). Like all great ideas though, the tides of time have worn it out and left only a trace of its original self, a cracked image of the original beauty and power which it held among the souls of true Americans. The idea has evolved over time till today in the twenty first century it can be defined by a single word; money (Rainer & Rainer, 2011). Today the ideals are different; the young aspire not to pursue liberty and freedom like our forefathers but to acquire wealth and fame, which is the new American dream (Mathison & Ross, 2007). This new age of people are called the millennials. Millennial is an abbreviation used by demographers that is used to refer to a group of the population in the United that was born in the 1980`s and matured somewhere around…

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