Essay on The Invention Of Eye Glasses

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Eye glasses are the first piece of technology that corrected human eye sight and is the most common to this day. To understand how eye glasses work so efficiently today, the history of eye glasses must be known, because it shows how the flaws have been fixed and renovated, and how eye glasses are designed. According to the website, “While there is no solid evidence as to who the initial inventor was, it wouldn’t be surprising if corrective lenses were “invented” multiple times throughout history until a point where the technology was finally passed down throughout multiple generations, eventually reaching the modern era.”(par.1) .With this information, it would be best to start from the 1700’s because it would be the most reliable information to obtain on how the glasses were made and who made them. According to the website about the history of eye glasses in the 1700’s, “The major design innovation of the century was the introduction of sides at some point before 1730. Eighteenth century spectacles are characterized by large, round eye rim shapes. The lugs are frequently quite wide with split center joints. The bridge is commonly of a C-shape. Eighteenth century spectacles were big and noticeable. At some point in the century, possibly as early as the 1760s London opticians began producing split lenses. At first these were for the use of artists, but they developed into the first bifocals, allowing a single spectacle frame to perform…

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