The Invention Of Electricity Is Best Stated By Ryener Banham Essay

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Huge technological advances have occurred in the last few centuries because of the will of human intelligence and to seek new discoveries. In the area of mass communication, new technologies of its time have propelled humanity towards modernization, and the uses of the new technology have helped spread one voice into multiple channels. The forerunner for the advances in technology and communication are the exploits of electricity. The mastering of electricity is best stated by Ryener Banham as “ the greatest environmental revolution in history since the domestication of fire” (Briggs & Burke, 2009, p. 117). The study of electricity has been around for many years before the invention of the light bulb, but the act of harnessing electricity to be used as power has ushered humanity into a new technological revolution, and affecting parts of societies that were still under the rule of coal and steam powered base machines. The dramatic changes by electricity changed and created various industries. An example of its societal affects is the rise of making and installing tramlines increasing the competitiveness in the industry.
Mastering the electrical current also pushed invention and innovation of many products. The first electrical device invented using electricity, is known as the telegraph. The invention of the telegraph was ground breaking in itself, for it transmitted messages at great distances at lightning speed. The telegraph has a close relationship with the…

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