Essay on The Invasion Of Steroids Into The Schools

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John Trivigno
HPR 300
November 20,2014 The Invasion of Steroids into the Schools Growing up in a country that is absolutely infatuated with sports whose athletes rake in millions of endorsements to play games and from endorsements it isn’t a big surprise many children idolize them. Athletes often turn to steroids to help them further their athletic careers in an attempt to chase athletic fame and immortality without researching the effects that these drugs may have on them. Athletes should be informed of the dangers of steroids because with their consumption comes health risks in all aspects which include physical and mental health. Some athletes turn to alternative supplements such as creatine, fat burners, precursors, caffeine pills just to gain an edge in athletic competition to obtain that coveted college scholarship to their dream school. As sports has evolved in our culture it has become increasingly competitive, that competitive fire causes athletes to seek out an edge and some find it in steroids. They may witness their idolized athlete using steroids or a teammate and their thirst to be the best drives the young athlete to consume steroids to gain an edge. “Among students in grades 8 through 12 who admitted to using anabolic steroids in a confidential survey, 57 percent said professional athletes influenced their decision to use the drugs and 63 percent said pro athletes influenced their friends ' decision to use them. Eighty percent of users and…

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