Essay about The Inheritance By Louisa May Alcott

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Imagine being considered less than the people you love and care about. In Louisa May Alcott’s novel, The Inheritance, this is the case for Edith Adelon. Although she is loved by the ones she loves, she desires to be equal. Edith longs for acceptance and equality throughout the whole novel. This conflict reflects upon the structure, setting, plots, characterization of Edith and many other characters, social and economic factors, symbolism and irony.
The Inheritance contains 15 chapters, numbered with Roman numerals. Time passes by rather slowly throughout the novel because it is very detailed. Although sometimes it is like Luisa May Alcott hit the fast forward button and did not drag on details. “Days went on an Edith, with a deep joy in her hearts, grew daily gayer and more lovely…” (page 113). In the novel it is summer, “…while the summer sky was bright with evening clouds” (page 146), which adds to the structure because they do outdoor activities throughout the novel. If they were in the house all day the story would have been blander. If it was winter and too cold to be outside no one would ever wonder if Edith was in the woods, or the garden, because she’d have to stay inside. This would prevent some conflict happening, such as Lord Arlington creepily following Edith through the woods. “…she left the cottage and went quickly through the shaded path toward home, but suddenly she stopped, for just before her stood Lord Arlington” (page 96). The Inheritance is set in…

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