The Importance Of A Promoter As An Artist Essay

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A promoter has many functions and roles in which they must embody that enables them to complete the tasks which they are faced with. One of their most important jobs is to organise a show and negotiate with an agent to book an artist. They will usually try and secure an artist which they love so that they are able to work with someone who they enjoy listening to. Once the promoter has secured an artist, they must book and secure a venue for the show. They then have to act as an intermediary between the venue and the artist. This is important because every artist needs a venue to play at, and if they don 't have a promoter to link them to professional and popular venues available, they will struggle to get gigs for themselves. Now, the promoter has to promote the live shows. They advertise the show through social media such as Facebook, the radio, and emailing their mailing list. They also put up posters in the local area which they are working in. Promoting the show is very important as after all, if nobody knows about the show, nobody will turn up. Promoters must have a strong partnership with the artist and their agent.
They must make sure that everything the artist needs for the show is prepared such as a PA system and lighting. They have to negotiate a deal with the artist and the agent for the show for example what fee will be paid and will the promoter provide accommodation? They also have to provide the band with the comforts they want like a rider (food and…

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