The Imperial Dominance Of Economic Impetus On Global Capital Essay

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The imperial dominance of economic impetus on global capital has propagated a contemporary gravitation towards English as a common global language. As the United States has been the country primarily responsible for the global proliferation of capital as well as home to the largest native English speaking population in the world, it would be a natural assumption to think that English would be mandated as the official language of the country. It is not. Although the supremacy of the English language in the United States remains a prevalent, unequivocal notion, the US itself was founded on doctrines protecting the inalienable rights of a multicultural nation, declaring the freedom granted to its citizens to be self-evident. Proponents of the modern English Only movement in the United States see designating an official language as a means to unify the country and promote nationalism. In actuality, the English Only movement is a subversion tactic devised by the dominant socioeconomic sect of Anglo-Americans in an attempt to control immigration and maintain the existing structure of power.
In order to fully comprehend follies apparent in the concept of English monolingualism in the United States, it is imperative to first examine the roots of the English Only movement and the reasons behind its existence in this country. Linguistic diversity is a concept that has existed in the United States since the dawning of its history as a nation. At its conception, the framers…

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