The Impact Of Technology On Health Care Essay

976 Words Nov 25th, 2014 4 Pages
The humankind history has evolved intrinsically linked to changes and improvements. This thirst for improvements led man to build tools that can function as an improved part of the man such as calculators, which perform large calculations in seconds, to modern robots that look like humans and are increasingly playing essential roles to human life as in health care, for example. Although the relationship among humans and robots remains controversial as regards the health care, it can be inferred that the usage of robots with this aim is beneficial and inevitable. However, this application should take into account the ethical considerations of that relationship. The usage of technology to build helpful machines to humanity exists since the man can think and the more tools the mankind possesses further it can reach with these artifices. The robots perform tasks that save humankind from exhaustive work or simply tasks that humans never could exercise due to limited physical abilities or because are dangerous tasks. A wide range of industry uses robots to attend sales demands and achieve a more accurate level of professionalism to attend the capitalist market, so that all procedures are faster and more accurate. Robots have been change science as they are used to achieve more knowledge about space such as the Sojouner mobile robot which one took pictures and explored the surface of Mars that would never have been possible for the man by himself (1).…

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