Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Society

1313 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 null Page
From Facebook, to Twitter, Snapchat, as well as Instagram, no matter what social media, we are using, we can all agree on one thing, social media has affected us in one way or another. However, as time passes, we can agree that the effect has become more negative than positive. From, “You should totally post that! Why are we not Facebook friends? Snapchat me! Are you going to post that?” Major aspects that social media has had an effect on is productivity, cyber bullying, and privacy. Since social media was first started, it showed many problems, however, now the effects are more clearly seen. Our productivity has decreased, cyber bullying has grown at a much extended amount, and because of social media our privacy is at risk.

In researched presented, “people’s desire to consume was stronger than their craving for alcohol and cigarettes” (Society for Personality and Social Physiology, 2012). Productivity has gone down in jobs, people are not being able to communicate socially as before, and people’s sleep has been effected. According to a Long Gorough University study, it takes about 64 seconds to return to your regular speed of work after reading a message. Jobs are losing precious work time all because we can’t leave our phones alone, and then we wonder why our economy is going down. In a study down, “people who frequently whipped out their phones, were less likely to exhibit prosocial behaviors, like volunteering or helping a stranger, than people who left their phones…

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